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Need Motherboard Repairs?

At Fixum, we can repair you phone at motherboard level, with great rates of success!

Did they tell you your phone has a motherboard issue? Were you informed that its repair is too costly or even impossible? At Fixum, we possess technicians of top expertise and cutting-edge equipment to be able to repair the most popular mobile devices on the motherboard level.

We can solve your motherboard issue

Don’t rush to throw away your cell phone, along with a substantial sum of funds in order to buy a new device!

We can identify any defect or damage on th mainboard of your phone. We can repair or replace almost any IC (integrated circuit), and restore any abnormality on the printed board.

In most cases, damage is limited and highly localized, and as such the repair option is very advantageous.

Do you want to repair your mobile phone?

Bring or send your phone to the Store for a quick repair.